Thursday, 16 August 2012

Week one in Thailand :)

Wow! Did I ever think it was possible to Love these children more than I do? No! Do I love them more everyday? YES! They are just amazing! Waking up to hugs and smiles everyday :) there is no better start! Makes the 4:50am alarm a lot easier!
This place is so full of love, joy and above all they are so grateful for all they have. So many started live in way we only read about in books or see in films but this is real life. Real abuse, real neglect and real heart ache. They have been blessed with so much since the day they were rescued and they thank God everyday for all they have.
It's heart breaking to read and heat about their stories but it makes me more determined to love them and help them in anyway I can. Playing with kids might seem like a easy task and not much of a mission trip but what we try to do is so much more than that. Some of the things we have done so far include:
-crafts, they don't get the chance to use glitter, stickers, glue etc
-bible teaching
-story telling
-mini olympics
-morning devotions, split in age groups and do bible study, craft, songs
-teaching English on site after school
-teaching English in local schools, hard work!!!
-outreach at the Orange Groves and Hill tribes
-helping with homework
-mothers day services and celebrations
-spending time getting to know the children
-work on site, painting, cleaning, gardening

This is just week one! I don't have many photos on my phone! (where I'm writing this) but I have over 1100 photos on my camera so far!! Watch this space!

Yesterday I shared the most beautiful moment with Chompoo, she's 17 that day I leave (going to be very sad!) last year I sponsored Bop and just wrote to her because she had enough sponsorship. This year things Han changed and I was able to tell whether I was her new official sponsor. The smile in her face was beautiful! So much love! She's a very special girl! She's translating for the younger children, helping to lead evening activities, translating for visitors and helping a lot with Pastor Jay's family. She also fits in school work and chores!

Life is good! We also had one of the little boys sponsored by Matt from the High Street Church team :) Think we may have more sponsorships on the way! Very exciting!

It's mad how much they change in a year! My boy is so tall now! I don't need to bend down to hug him! Some like Malachi are a lot more confident and cheeky this year! He's hilarious! Very excited for Will to meet him and he and my mom sponsor him. :)

I love this place! Love our team and our extended team as we joined High Street and the long term volunteers here! They have taken us in and looked after us so well! Pa G win bonus point for taking us for Chinese doughnuts! And to tesco! :p Tesco here is huge and a real treat for out kids! Already spoilt my boy far!!! After all im only here for a short time! We now await the arrival of the rest of our English team :)

Thank you for your continued support, prayers and encouragement.

Laura x

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