Sunday, 26 August 2012

Last week...full of drama!

So on Thursday we went to the King's project. Beautiful gardens creates to replace opium farms. On the way there we stopped at a solider camp which over looked the Burmese border. We all went ahead and climbed onto the book platform. What's ironic is that it was far too cloudy to see anything so we were looking at the photo one of the boys had taken the year before! Then the platform collapsed. We dropped about 1.5/2 meters. It was so scary not knowing how far we would fall as it's at the top of the mountain. Four of us fell, one flipped and fell spraining her ankle and 2 were hanging behind us having held onto the frame. 3 didn't fall. We were quickly sorted and back at the top. The shock set in straightaway. My legs had turned to jelly and my whole body was shaking. I've never really experienced shock so the fact that I was laughing within 5 minutes.
It was an awful experience but we couldn't have been more united as a group. Shock was hitting us on and off all day at different times. Just replaying the feeling of falling was so upsetting.
Anyway! That's over now! Few bruises and grazes for some of the team but we are ok.
It put a real dark cloud over our last week for me. I cut another toe! Something so small but so painful and inconvenient because of the mud and rain. I have to have it fully covered and cleaned and with all the wet weather it's not just once a day. Lots of little distractions and annoyances but today is a new day!
We visited the head man the Lahu Hill tribe and then had lots of treats at the market! Now we are off for a home cooked Italian dinner with our Aussie friends :)

Photos of the children sponsored by my church and family are also included.

Laura x

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Farewell friends :(

When we knew there was another team from the UK we were a little apprehensive. Not knowing who they were or how we would work together but there was no need to worry!
Within a few days we felt as though we had known each other for years. It's strange when you are together 24/7 just how close you become and how you bond not only because you have to but because you genuinely get on! It's lovely that the one thing we all have in common is a huge heart for these children and for serving at Kid's Life.
We have had so many laughs and shared some lovely memories together. We have seen them sponsor and make 2 special boys very happy!
We have had UNO extreme time every night! That's where all our sarcasm comes out as we can't be sarcastic around the children.....they just don't get it!!
I'm currently sad next to Rezzie, she's the same age as my sister so it's been lovely having her here :) She is an amazing girl! So funny and so incredibly random! We have made songs, cried and laughed...a lot! She will be missed!! It's so lovely that she has been able to come and experience this place at 16! She's known about Kid's Life for years as her church are heavily involved here. She's been a huge inspiration to the girls here that are the same age. They have really taken to her. :)
Tom and Matt have sponsored Malachi and Op and they have made them smile so much in doing so! It's been beautiful to see them play together, sit together and enough being in each others company. We were all so excited when Matt told us he was sponsoring Op! We did get excited about Tom too but he didn't tell us for a day or two!!!
Had a great time in our kids school with Tom and Rezzie! Tom is training to be a teacher and boy can you tell! His planning is fab! We will miss his organisation! We will also miss Matt because he provided UNO extreme, locked up and gave us crisps! :)
One more member is the team leader himself! Without Richard they wouldn't be here and we are so grateful to him for bringing them and getting really stuck in with out team, our singing and of course the frog story!

They have been fabulous! We have been one big team and we really are gutted to see them go. The children did a goodbye performance for them and it was lovely!! The boys were breakdancing and Will made his debut! The girls danced and the boys sang! My little boy sang as Clee paid guitar! It was so lovely! Couldn't help crying a little knowing so this would be the video I watch back at home! So proud of him!
We had to end the night with UNO and oreos! We for a little carried away an finished at 11pm! With a 4:50am alarm its safe to say we are all emotional and tired today!

So that's it! We start with some Tough goodbyes! This won't be the last time we are with them! We hope to be able to visit each others churches to share our experiences :)

Laura x

Monday, 20 August 2012

A Kid's Life welcome!

After 10 days at Kid's Life we welcomed the rest of the British team - Lizzie, Catherine, Will, Sue and Lotto, and a lovely couple from Australia, Laurie and Rachel.
We were all so excited to see the VIP bus pull up at Kid's Life! Needless to say there were lots of hugs and smiles :)
After a tour of the site we all went off to rest and the teams settled in their rooms :)
The longest wait was from 1 til 3;45pm when we could pick up the children from school. It was such a special moment! Catherine was reunited with Top! I had to chase her with the camera because she went running off to him! Then Will met Malachi for the first time. He has been sponsoring him for a while now. Malachi was a bit shy but is already warming to him and Will is seeing his cheeky side! Finally Lizzie was reunited with Ellie too :) we had a lot of happy children :)
After tea we waited for the children to finish rehearsing for the welcome meeting. It's was another lovely night! They know how to entertain! The older girls began with a beautiful dance and were followed by the girls from the Morning Star Bible college. They danced to Worthy is the Lamb and it was amazing! So moving! They then did a dance to represent the work in the rice fields. Then something new! Pastor Jay spoke of how there of children at Kid's Life from all over Thailand and the surrounding countries. As he finished talking the first couple came out! Some of the older children came in as couples from each place, some from parts of Thailand, some from Laos, Burma, Cambodia and a range of different tribes. It was fainting to see the traditional clothing and see just how many places they come from! I think there were 9 or 10! For me just confirmed how amazing this place is! Children from all over all coming together to make one amazing family!
Will has already described how he feels, 'I've never been anywhere with so much love!' It's so true! Coming from broken homes, abuse and neglect to a place where love is so visible and so beautiful to see! It's an honor to be a part of it!
They ended the night with a big group song! All the children sang and then posed for photos :) such a brilliant night!
Tonight we gather again but for our dirt goodbyes! We are all dreading it! The team from High Street are off tomorrow and we will miss them so much! Already had tears this morning. I changed my devotion group and asked the children to pray for Matt and Rezzie in our group. :)

Here are some welcome photos and photos from the evening. My phone mixes up the order! Sorry!

Laura x