Sunday, 26 August 2012

Last week...full of drama!

So on Thursday we went to the King's project. Beautiful gardens creates to replace opium farms. On the way there we stopped at a solider camp which over looked the Burmese border. We all went ahead and climbed onto the book platform. What's ironic is that it was far too cloudy to see anything so we were looking at the photo one of the boys had taken the year before! Then the platform collapsed. We dropped about 1.5/2 meters. It was so scary not knowing how far we would fall as it's at the top of the mountain. Four of us fell, one flipped and fell spraining her ankle and 2 were hanging behind us having held onto the frame. 3 didn't fall. We were quickly sorted and back at the top. The shock set in straightaway. My legs had turned to jelly and my whole body was shaking. I've never really experienced shock so the fact that I was laughing within 5 minutes.
It was an awful experience but we couldn't have been more united as a group. Shock was hitting us on and off all day at different times. Just replaying the feeling of falling was so upsetting.
Anyway! That's over now! Few bruises and grazes for some of the team but we are ok.
It put a real dark cloud over our last week for me. I cut another toe! Something so small but so painful and inconvenient because of the mud and rain. I have to have it fully covered and cleaned and with all the wet weather it's not just once a day. Lots of little distractions and annoyances but today is a new day!
We visited the head man the Lahu Hill tribe and then had lots of treats at the market! Now we are off for a home cooked Italian dinner with our Aussie friends :)

Photos of the children sponsored by my church and family are also included.

Laura x

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