Saturday, 4 August 2012

Off to Thailand take 2!

So on Monday I shall be on my way to the land of smiles again! A place that changed my life last year! I have spent the last year talking about Kid's Life none stop! They are an amazing family have have rescued so many children from some of the toughest starts in life. Now, they are loved, adored and have a wonderful life. They live basically but they are so grateful! They give what they can and they love to help others in need! Inspirational!
So, Monday 4 of us fly from Heathrow and join our 5th member in Chiang Mai for what will be another fabulous adventure! After 10 days we will be joined by another 5 and together we will continue to do all we can to serve Kid's Life, to sing, pray, enjoying craft and fun days and get stuck into the Thai life!

I am going to use this blog while I am away to fill in those that want to read, as facebook is a bit of a faff and I can't really fit much in! So, if you are interested click follow or just look out for the link on facebook when I add new posts. Hope you enjoy it! I can't wait to get going now! Time to check I have everything and check I am within my baggage allowance.....

Click the video to see what we got up to last year... HERE

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