Sunday, 19 August 2012

Trip to Tesco!

A few nights a go we had a BIG trip to Tesco! High Street Church had donated money for each child. 200baht with is about £4 to us but a lot more here. Tesco to us is an everyday supermarket, here it's a special trip! Inside is huge! It's got KFC and restaurant, food court, pharmacy, stalls and everything you could possibly need in the store section! These kids don't get chance to do this often to they really make the most of it! We were each allocated a group! I had the boys! They were impossible to keep tabs on! I lost two during the journey there! So I had 3 little ones :) and my lovely Chompoo stayed with me the whole time to translate!
We started with food! I had a gorgeous pork dish with crispy noodles in a very tasty gravy! Everything here has so much taste! Just hope it was actually pork! Then shopping time! Oh wait, we had to wait 15 minutes for the boys to finish playing on the play station in the mini arcade! Yes, there have one of Those too! Eventually we started! They made sure that every penny or as close to every penny was spent! They an buy so much! They eat the packs of noodles as a snack and got packs of about 8/10! They got crisps and chocolate and fizzy drinks! One not, Dee, spend 100baht bang on! The others had a bit of change! Trying to count pennies of 3 lively boys rushing up and down aisles is hard!!!! I got myself a few treats! After the kids do to bed we play UNO extreme! So much fun complete with snacks! No chance of losing a bit of weight!
As we arrived back in the trust little Top showed me what he has bought! Tooth paste! So he would smell fresh! How cute! That's his luxury! The older girls bought fabric softener! That's their luxury! It's a real eye opener and shows us how much we take for granted. On the way home we had 18 of us in the back of Pastor Jay's truck! 5 had their legs hanging off the back! There are no rules!!!

We are loving it! :) here are a few photos taking during the evening!
After 1,500 photos my camera has died :( won't charge. Gutted but using Jennie's. Currys had better prepare themselves for me! Yes, Mom, you know I will! ;p

Laura x

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